Painting Event

National Zoological Park, Delhi and Delhi Street Art had organised a nature based painting event on old dustbins to extend the beautification effort of Delhi Zoo. The event was aptly named “Bin there, done that”

This was my first assignment with this fabulous street art group. It gave me a lot of ideas as well as polished up my drawing skills. Working outdoors is a whole new experience. I am looking forward for more such assignments and volunteer work.

Army Public School

I am working as a PRT Teacher at Army Public School, Delhi. Apart from taking art classes I was involved in all art and craft related activities in school. My added skill as a calligraphist also was put to good use here. 

Wooden Panel Art

Wood panel art is easy to maintain and transport. Using special painting techniques and high quality colours I can create any art work which can be easily mounted on the wall without modifications. 

Art is my passion and I want to live it to the fullest. Mother to a son and wife to a caring husband, my life journey has been a balance between my responsibilities and learning art which will remain my first love. 

I see art around me and it inspires me to do more. I love to connect with people and travel places. I live by the mantra “Average will not be my legacy

“My imagination is my greatest strength”

 Deepika Badlani